Terrible two’s…. bah!

Hey Adventurers! I wanna give a massive S/O to my mum-readers out there with pygmy's the same age as mine. The resident Pygmy around here has recently turned 3 and I have to say, I'm actually missing the terrible two's. Apparently, the Three's is the one that's gonna get you. Maybe I got off light … Continue reading Terrible two’s…. bah!

Sunday’s in the jungle

Hey Adventurers, What are you up to today? I don't know about you but Sunday's are pretty slow in my part of the jungle. The mornings are pretty much written off to domestic necessities like washing and cleaning. The evenings are reserved for hair taming of the indigenous people (AKA the Pygmy and myself)  and the … Continue reading Sunday’s in the jungle

Woops another blip! 

I'm not very good at this so far this year.... Making regular posts has become a little difficult (due largely to me not planning or being lazy of course) but lots has happened.  Here's the run down:  Your safari guide (Moi) turned 30!  The Pygmy (my son) turned 1!  I had a birthday / Mother's … Continue reading Woops another blip!