First day at daycare… Eeek!

So the Pygmy has started his daycare settling in period today Adventurers! And if I'm honest, I'm a little cut up about it. I took him in and dropped him off and he pretty much carried on as though nothing was happening. Yeah yeah I know what you're thinking... "that's what's meant to happen" and … Continue reading First day at daycare… Eeek!

Sunday strolls with Pygmy in tow

Hey Adventurers,  Not much to report here. I just wanted to share a couple of pics from my Sunday stroll with my Pygmy.  Hope the suns out next Sunday so we can do it again! X C 

There I was again

5am this time it was only me awake watching you sleeping. A little crooked smile on your face while you clutch onto my pony tail. Sleepy dust still in your eyes while your still off playing with the sandman in the land of Nod.  I watch for a long time. Memorising this face before. It's … Continue reading There I was again

Jungle fever…

Phew...we made it! It's been rather dicey here in the jungle.. the Pygmy came down with a bout of jungle fever (AKA viral infection) and there were more than a few sleepless nights, sweaty days and lots and lots of tears. (by him.. not me...I'm virtually Wonder Woman. Ok I might be fibbing slightly ) … Continue reading Jungle fever…