Strange goings on in the jungle 

Now this is one of those funny things that is only funny in that it's because of they way I have chosen to theme my blog (which you LOVE of course and yes I am aware I have started this afternoons post by rambling)  In a jungle; and on safari there are things we "expect" … Continue reading Strange goings on in the jungle 

Double standards and anticipations

It's a horrible feeling when you realise that you've been a bit of a hypocrite but I suppose it better than carrying on with your usual goings on without ever knowing and having someone point it out....

Roller coasters and coffee

Sometimes the Safari I'm on take routes I really never thought it would and I see and experience things I wish i hadn't or had as the case may be. I guess that's the point right? The not knowing..... well I seem to be in a state of not knowing right now and to say its not unnerving would be a BS. But onward I go regardless.... ever onward on this safari I call life.....

Getting so excited I’m begining to twitch!

Yes Yes I know, I'm a sado.... but I really can't wait until I jet off to the sun and fun capital of the world (well my world anyway!) My calendar tells me there is still 11 weeks until I have a nervous breakdown packing and repacking my suitcase the night before my flight but … Continue reading Getting so excited I’m begining to twitch!