November already?!

Hey Adventurers! Where the heck did the time go? How are we already in November! and why haven't I  finished my Christmas shopping??!! 

From Tenerife with love : Guess who’s back!

Well Adventurers I'm back! My weekend adventure in Tenerife without my little Pygmy is over and if I'm honest it just wasn't the same without him. I didn't pine for him but I definitely missed him being around (and underfoot) and being able to have my baba-snuggies whenever I want them.  (Those little buggers just … Continue reading From Tenerife with love : Guess who’s back!

Dreaming of Disney

As some of you may know; I'm a bit Disney obsessed. Not in the 'it's all I talk about, dress like characters, only cook Disney shaped food' kind of obsessed but it is definitely my happy place.

The slump at the bottom….

That's it... I've hit it... that slump of depression when you realise that your holiday is STILL just over a month away but the thought of another day at work, heck, getting out of bed is almost unbearable but you JUST. HAVE. TO. DO. IT. This is where I am now. Hello! Tired is an … Continue reading The slump at the bottom….