3 ways to stay productive and organised during lockdown- with kiddos!

Remembering just these 3 things i've managed to halve the stress I was giving myself when this whole lockdown situation started.

Good intentions

Writing this with just 48 hours of autumn break left, (at the current time...coz lets face it this will get posted late) I'm officially giving up intentions and am just gonna see how it all plays out.

Toy sorting 101- The rules of engagement

Hey Adventurers!

Today I want to share some very important lessons about toy sorting.


I am no pro here. In fact I'm probably the poster girl for how you do it wrong!

So learn from my mistakes. Do as I say, not as I do... (did... Whatever, you know what I mean.)

Terrible two’s…. bah!

Hey Adventurers! I wanna give a massive S/O to my mum-readers out there with pygmy's the same age as mine. The resident Pygmy around here has recently turned 3 and I have to say, I'm actually missing the terrible two's. Apparently, the Three's is the one that's gonna get you. Maybe I got off light … Continue reading Terrible two’s…. bah!