November already?!

Hey Adventurers! Where the heck did the time go? How are we already in November! and why haven't I  finished my Christmas shopping??!! 


Black Hair — Nurthepoet

I use my hair as a way to beautify myself I use my hair as a way to represent myself I use my hair as a weapon A way to defy eurocentric standards of beauty. We have our own standards of beauty. I use my hair as a political stance my hair has battled policies, […] … Continue reading Black Hair — Nurthepoet

Things I’ve learned…

So I decided to do one of the WordPress courses I found the other day on 'Blogging.U' and today's prompt was to write a list based post. It offered serveral list topics including things like: likes, dislikes, things I'm good at etc....  All pretty simple and easy but not (in my opinion) something I necessarily … Continue reading Things I’ve learned…