Budgets suck!

There I said it. I totally understand the need and importance but it really sucks the fun out of life...

Throwback Thursday

Hey Adventurers! Happy throwback Thursday to you. I know for some the mere mention of these two words can fill you with dread but for me (at least for today) it's filled me with beautiful nostalgia! Look what I found last night when clearing out an old bookshelf at the back of the dumping room … Continue reading Throwback Thursday

Plans, plans….what is a girl to do? 

Now I've never really been any good at planning for the future. It's one of my downfalls really. But one thing I am good at is planning a holiday (even when I have no £££ to book one)  Me being the proverbial 'boy scout' (girl guide?) I always like to be prepared!  This year is … Continue reading Plans, plans….what is a girl to do?