Orlando airport shuttle research

O.M G.... How freaking difficult is it, Adventurers, to find affordable airport transfers in Orlando??!! Jeez!

Staying off property – Why I don’t stay at Disney World.

These are my top reasons for not staying on Disney property... what are your reasons for or against? I'd love to hear about them in the comments.

Dreaming of Disney

As some of you may know; I'm a bit Disney obsessed. Not in the 'it's all I talk about, dress like characters, only cook Disney shaped food' kind of obsessed but it is definitely my happy place.

Things I’ve learned…

So I decided to do one of the WordPress courses I found the other day on 'Blogging.U' and today's prompt was to write a list based post. It offered serveral list topics including things like: likes, dislikes, things I'm good at etc....  All pretty simple and easy but not (in my opinion) something I necessarily … Continue reading Things I’ve learned…